Adorn Yourself

Monika's collection of jewellery comes from a range of inspiration. From her Polish roots and use of the Amber in her work to creating tiny wearable works of art, adorn yourself in the experience of wearing timeless works of art as jewellery.  

Monika also creates custom Flower Keepsake Jewellery for clients. Order a piece of jewellery made from your special occasion flowers to enjoy for years to come. Weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, funerals or other special occasions become a piece of wearable art you can keep close to your heart.  

On September 27, 2008, Monika's mother Dorota Blichar passed away from ovarian cancer. To honor the memory of her mother ten years later, Monika has created the Reflection Necklace series. Each piece is handmade and original. 10% of the sales from Reflection Necklaces will go to supporting those affected by cancer. Use promo code DOROTHYB to save 10% off everything in the online store until October 5, 2018 and we will donate 10% of your entire order to help support Forever Friends campaign in Vancouver, BC. This applies to all art, fashion and jewellery.